The many uses of Mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy, in its simplest of terms, refers to injecting a medication into any of the structures that arise from our mesoderm. The mesoderm is one of three structures during our embryonic development that gives rise to several of our body parts. The mesoderm gives rise to skin and bones, joints and ligaments, connective tissue, blood vessels and other organs. One can only guess the many uses of Mesotherapy. But why guess? 
Mesotherapy’s use is dependent on the type of medication used and the area of the body injected. Mesotherapy has been used effectively and successfully in each of the following areas:

Pain management: Mesotherapy has been used to treat inflammation and soreness in the muscles. While most injuries are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, occasionally, targeted injections of the same medications into the affected areas can help speed up recovery. People are more familiar with steroid injections into joints or back, and this is no different. Conditions treated by Mesotherapy injections include tendinitis, muscle strains, spinal disorders, back pain and sprains.

Mesotherapy in sports medicine: This area of Mesotherapy is extremely important. The advantages are that it is fast and lasts a long time. Most sports related injuries are localized to one or two areas, and they usually require two to three sessions. Athletes usually avoid steroid injections, and get the same if not better results. Most of the time, mesotherapy aims at reducing pain, improving functionality and decrease or control inflammation. By doing this, Mesotherapy decreases healing time and expedites recovery.

Osteoarthritis: Mesotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis. The primary target is to control pain and relieve it. Local anesthetics (numbing medicines), muscle relaxants, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs among other medications can be injected to help with the symptoms of this disease.

Skin conditions: Mesotherapy has been used to treat or help with acne, cellulite, contusions, stretch marks, scars, sum damaged skins, certain blotches and skin stains, venous insufficiency and even wrinkles.

Mesotherapy has been also used in many other medical conditions. The literature and scientific proof is sketchy, and although many have claimed some success, there is little research to support its use. 

Mesotherapy is a very effective way for treating or intervening with certain medical issues. Its primary use is with sports related issues and skin disorders. It has been shown to be a safe and useful procedure when practiced by professionals according to scientific standards and protocols.