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Mothers and Faith


When children are under the mother's eye, she has an opportunity of fashioning their minds aright. Those who are grown up, should often call to mind the good teaching they received when children. Mathew Henry

Wellness is about 6-9 dimensions, depending on what you read. Regardless of your source, one cornerstone of wellness is faith and religion. The conversation of how mothers manage their children’s and family’s nutrition and food, keep an eye on their activities, schooling, clothing and other earthly needs is well known. Today I am hoping to tackle the point of faith and religion, which perhaps, is the most important responsibility of all.

As you well know, children believe more what they see than what they hear, especially as they grow older. They hold us accountable and make us better by forcing us to practice what we preach. They eat how we eat, work how we work, and believe in the same virtues and lessons of life as we do. History has shown us that for the most part, our children will ultimately sound like us and be like us as they grow older. This is no different in faith. History has also shown us there is no stronger faith than a mother’s faith. This is mentioned in the Holy books. Here is what else we know about mother’s faith: Mother’s affect their children’s faith more than fathers. Her faith can produce a Godly legacy that transcends generations. She is the link between God and His children. She prays to Him and influences them drawing the two together. Her faith can also help heel and strengthen us. We all ask our mothers to pray for us. And they do, like no one else.

What about the love of a mother? The closest love to that of God is the love of a mother. In that, she shows no boundaries, no limits. “A mother is sacrifice”, a loose translation to the Arabic proverb, enforces that kind of love. With no judgement, and with a love that puts her children first, this love can only come from her faith and her belief. And the difference between children who receive this love and that kind of faith and those who do not is stark. Here is what research has shown us:

1- Around 1 % of adolescents practiced their faith into their 20’s in families where the parents did not talk about or practice their faith. Contrast that to the 82 % of adolescents who practiced their faiths in their 20’s when both parents were active in their faith and talked about it, especially mothers.

2- Children with mothers of faith and love are more secure, less anxious, stronger, more confident, and are more likely to succeed in their lives.

3- The influence of parents’ faith, especially their mothers, survives and endures for generations to come.

4- In the world of social media and religion shaming, it is the mothers and fathers who are the keepers of faith. Especially in adolescence, when friends and peers have the greatest influence and do the best they can to minimize the effects of religion, it is the parents’ and especially the mother’s constant enforcing of religion and living the word of their faith that ensures the greatest rates of adolescents circling back to their faith as they grow older.

5- 40 percent of millennials who were raised with both parents having the same religion say their mother was far more responsible for their religious upbringing than their father.

6- 46 percent of those raised by parents with different religions say their mother was the biggest influence on what faith they chose.

7- 63 percent of those raised by one parent who was religious and one who was not say that their mother was the main reason for their religious upbringing.

It is very apparent the influence of mothers on their children. There is truly no greater influence. It is not the church or mosque, it is not the Holy books, it is not the clergy men. What it is are mothers who, for all the right and obvious reasons, religious books have placed so much emphasis on: They are the guardians of their faith. And their children and families are all the better for it.