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Our NEW Events

SPRING Brunch at TANIT Venue
From 14-May-2014 to 14-May-2014
SPRING Brunch at TANIT venue. Parent Association. Jesus & mary school details »
"What Happy Working Mothers Know" Signature in Abu Dhabi
From 03-May-2014 to 04-May-2014
"What Happy Working Mothers Know" Signature in Abu Dhabi details »
Signing of books Ready aim captivate and Roadmap to success
From 01-Dec-2013 to 31-Dec-2013
Signing of books Ready aim captivate and Roadmap to success details »
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Nutrition Guide to Marathon Running
As we all know the Beirut marathon is coming up in November, and many of you are planning to participate in this event. How are you going to prepare yourself? Are you going to train for the event? Are you going to run every afternoon? details »
Moms to be Magazine: Do Our Children Respect Themselves and Others?
Children nowadays seem to be impossible to control. Remember your childhood and how you used to treat your parents? Did you hit them? Did you disobey them? It seems that as the generations pass the parents have less and less control over their children, a details »
Prestige Magazine: Thinking wellness: The wellness of thinking
By definition, thinking is a process that is both instinctive and learned. Think about it (Pardon the pun). When you think, you are doing what exactly? details »
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Who is Vie Saine
Vie Saine is a health center unlike any other in the region. It was founded in March of 2000 and since then, has continuously grown and diversified. We started of with having clinical dietetics only, and now our services are broader and more diverse.

Our basic philosophy: Together, we can make a difference.

No other center stresses this point as much as we do. We believe that the approach to any problem, medical issue or any issue is a team effort. Your input, our expertise, your effort and our guidance will help achieve your goals and objectives.

We understand that it is a privilege to serve you, and at Viesaine, you are treated with respect and dignity. We value your privacy, your time and your commitment.

Our Mission Statement
Vie Saine is a health care and wellness center that is dedicated to our patients, Driven by our passion and beliefs, and guided by scientific and professional principles and standards.

Together: We can make a difference.

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