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Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve

Originating in France, both procedures use natural, medical and homeopathic medications for treating many conditions, cosmetic and medical. With Dr. Naim El-Aswad, Vie Saine is proud to be a pionee...

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Physical Fitness

Hardly any of our goals can be achieved and/or maintained without exercise. With that being said, we work with everyone according to his or her abilities. Sports is key in any and all our endeavors...

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Body Remodeling

As leaders in the Health and Beauty industry, Vie Saine introduces to its patients to the most advanced techniques in non-invasive cosmetic technology. Our treatments are effective on all skin type...

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Viesaine is a pioneering health center in many ways. No where else is that the case as in our coaching. Headed by Ms. Zeina Ghossoub, coaching relies on the most up to date research and its applica...

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Clinical dietetics

The science of food and nutrition. Clinical dietetics is the corner stone of our health center. This science is as old as any other and has been used in one form or another for addressing people...

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Active musculature is the key to a body with great capacity, as well as being a precondition for health, fitness, wellbeing, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance - in short, for that kind of ph...

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