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Prestige is defined as “widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality”. Prestige, it turns out, is something we might earn, but it has to be given by others. So, it stands to reason that others have to see it, feel it or experience it in us so they can recognize it and acknowledge it. The easiest example given is the prestige of wealth. People tend to show their assets and flaunt their belongings. We all do at some point. A new car, a new watch or clothes, cell phone and so on and so forth. And that, in the eyes of others, gives us prestige. But I want to shift your attention to a different kind of prestige. One that is perhaps tougher to earn, harder to manage and more difficult to sustain. The prestige of health!

            Do you impress yourself? Are you proud of your achievements? Are you satisfied with where you are? Such broad questions so let me narrow them down. When it comes to your health and fitness and self care, how do you answer the above questions? And, perhaps most of all, do you feel prestigious about it?

            Before I talk about the honor others may give us for being healthy, let me start by saying that we simply do not do enough. We don’t! There is seldom a person out there who knows how to properly self-care. Why? Because we do not know how. People will pay tons of money, seek education and internships and spend countless hours and immeasurable effort to learn the art of making wealth. After all, it is what drives our world. But ask someone, anyone, to invest in their health and you see an absolute drop in interest and effort. Until, that is, we get sick and disease forces itself on us. Then we scramble. It is like no one needs money, until they do. So, let me ask you another question. If you know you are not optimally healthy, yet you put so much effort and are producing to the maximum of your abilities, how much more do you think you can do and give if you were healthy? And functioning at top ability? The next question becomes? Why aren’t you? And the last questions is: What are you waiting for?

            As you may know by now, I am a wellness coach. People give me the prestige of being an expert. An expert is someone who knows a lot about what they are doing. I tell you sometimes I know absolutely nothing. I keep getting schooled on the art of excuses of why people do not take care of themselves. It is a fascinating phenomenon. The reasons that we give, and the length we go to NOT TO TAKE CARE of ourselves are amazing. If I told you you need no more than 30 minutes four times a week to exercise, think about that time in terms of your whole life. 2 hours per week is what is recommended at times. 2 hours a week! If I told you that it may take you around 3-6 months to adapt to a healthy eating life style. A 3-6 months’ investment BUYS you a lifetime of self-care! Tell me who would not make such an investment. Oh, you know the answers to those questions, right? If I told you that meditating ten to fifteen minutes per day clears your mind, reduces your stress levels and enhances your performance, would you learn how? What if I told you that to create such a dramatically small change in your life, you will need to make a mindset change in your brain. What if I also told you that once that mindset is created, your path to a prestigious healthy life is set. Would you jump on that chance? Most of us, sadly, do not.

            Living in a healthy way is expensive, people say. It is time consuming, requires so much effort, and perhaps most of all is confusing. There are so many guidelines out there that we do not know what to believe anymore. I mean you type in the words living healthy and the internet explodes. So what do we do? Let me emphasize a few key notions here.

  1. Living healthy is easy. Deciding to do so is the hard part.
  2. Commitment to healthy living is easy. Starting the process is the hard part.
  3. Creating a mindset of healthy living is easy. Making the change is the hard part.
  4. Dedication to your own health is easy. Removing obstacles is the hard part.
  5. The path to healthy living is easy. Finding it is the hard part.

It is not a rocket science project my dear readers. Self-care requires an investment in your self, with time and effort. My husband tells our children that two of the greatest measures of love you can give someone are time and effort. So, why not love yourself for a change. Give yourself time and effort. Develop the habits of living health. It may take a small effort, but that effort may seem big because you are not used to it. But trust me, that effort is not big. Compared to trying to make money, get married, raise a family and save for retirement, there is no greater investment than your health. The beauty of self-care is that once learned, it is infectious, easy to maintain and practice and, above all, the most rewarding. When you look at yourself in the mirror, or in the eyes of others, there is no feeling that compares to feeling and looking healthy. To know that whatever life throws at you, you are in the best possible shape to tackle it gives you the kind of piece of mind and confidence that no bank account, no matter how big, can.

Ponder the question: Health or wealth? The answer: Why not both? You are right. But one without the other is more useless. Healthy but not wealthy? I will take that any day over wealthy but not healthy. After all, it is much much more prestigious to be healthy in my own eyes. What about yours?