Taking care of you: stress management techniques

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It seems that everyone is under so much stress these days. Everyone has a never ending to do list, and everyone has overwhelming and demanding responsibilities. Mothers spend their time taking care of their work and family responsibilities that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Let me use a simple analogy to drive my point home. If you have ever flown, while watching the safety instructions on the plane, you notice that “in case cabin pressure drops, and you are traveling with a child, place the mask on yourself first then help your child”. Most people think instinctively to place the mask on the child first. The point is if you pass out while trying to do that then you and your child suffer.

In other words, if you don’t take care of yourself you may not be able to take care of others.

In dealing with the demands of our lives, mothers and women are facing more and more “stress”. Stress is an existence that pressures us, a situation that makes us uncomfortable and demands from us to be constantly battling and fighting. It makes us feel angry or sad or tired. There is nothing that stress will not affect from the physical, mental, emotional and psychosocial aspects. Many people resort to unhealthy ways to cope with their stress. For example; smoking, drinking, overeating, social withdrawal…etc. So, in dealing with stress, we end up harming ourselves more. It is such a negative situation. Here are a few tips to help you better manage your stress and become a happier healthier you. These tips seem so simple yet so demanding. If you set your mind to them, and get into that habit (which won’t take long to do), it is amazing the positive impact they will have.

  • Avoid unnecessary stress: one of the key ways to de-stress yourself is by avoiding the things that stress you out (if you can). Avoid people and situations that stress you out, learn to say no to doing things that will stress you out, and fix your to-do list in a way that it will not over-whelm you.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle: eat a healthy diet that’s low in fats and sugars and high in fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly and try to get enough sleep. And also try not to overdo it with alcohol, caffeine, and smoking
  • Alter the situation: take control of the situation, and manage your time the way you want it to be. Don’t be shy to express your feelings.
  • Accept the things that you cannot change. Save your battles and energy for fights you can potentially win.
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others, and always try to look at the positive side of things.
  • If there is something you cannot control, don’t try to control it because it will leave you nowhere and it will likely cause you more stress.

Enjoy your life. Minimize your stress. Seems so simple…but follow these few tips and you will see a difference.