Wrinkles: What to do

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Wrinkles: some of us are obsessed about them, and some could care less. Most of us are somewhere in between. Wrinkles are inevitable. They are the lines on our face and everywhere on our body that, for most of us, are a reminder of not only our age, but our inevitable end. I have seen patients and clients absolutely terrified of their wrinkles. There are some who are disgusted by them, and some who were them with pride. I have an 85 year old lady in the emergency room the other day, and she was talking about her thin skin and her wrinkles. With a smile she said: You know, I worked hard for these wrinkles and this skin. Be careful with it. It is my life and my legacy. 

Wrinkles are skin folds, or creases along the skin that reflect the outline of the muscles beneath them. They follow the contours of the muscles, as is evident by the ones on our forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth. Wrinkles are present always, but they are evident and become more apparent because of the following reasons:
1-Too much use of the muscles beneath them; such as squinting the eyes instead of wearing sun or reading glasses.
2-Dehydration which leads to loss of elasticity and vitality
3-Oxidative damage to the skin such as prolonged exposure to sun light
4-Exposure of the skin to harmful chemicals such as nicotine and other environmental pollutants
6-Other factors

What to do about them?

The best way to deal with wrinkles, like everything else in medicine, is to take care of your skin before they present themselves, and to make use of certain changes that may help you take care of it and minimize damage and risks, such as  staying well hydrated, avoiding the sunlight, quitting smoking, using moisturizing cream that hydrate your skin, and getting adequate sleep and rest. You cannot fight genetics, and some people are more prone to wrinkles than others.

To help you deal with wrinkles, there are several procedures you can do. Botox injections will paralyze the muscles beneath the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. If you are interested in botox, there are several professionals who perform these procedures, but make sure they are licensed physicians. Plastic surgery and face lifting also help. 

Another modality is mesotherapy. Through two procedures that follow the same approach, mesolift and mesoglow, mesotherapy will not get rid of your wrinkles, but it will minimize them while helping you keep a healthy, natural and younger look. By inducing change in your skin that commands it to rebuild itself to enhance its elasticity, improve its vitality and moisture, minimize and combat the oxidative damages, and stimulate its blood supply and drainage, mesotherapy can produce a rejuvenated look that will remind you how you looked when you were younger, produce healthier skin and do so while maintaining your natural appearance. Trust me, people will take notice; but most importantly, you will too.