Physician Burnout: An Emotionally Malignant Diseas

Physician Burnout: An Emotionally Malignant Diseas

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  • Tue, Oct 03
  • 10 : 50 - AM - 12:00 AM


Over half of all physicians suffer from burnout, characterized by depersonalization, loss of enthusiasm for the profession, and cynicism. This devastating emotional disease adversely impacts physicians’ personal and professional lives, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the patients in their care.

Physician Burnout: An Emotionally Malignant Disease proposes two effective and scientifically validated treatments for burnout in both physicians and other members of the health-care community: wellness and emotional intelligence.

Using their experience working with and coaching physician groups, Reldan Nadler, PsyD, MCC; Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad, PhD, CPEC, PCC, CWC; and Naim El-Aswad, MD, offer an in-depth look at physician burnout and how to treat it.

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Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad