Healthy eating at work workshop

Healthy eating at work workshop

Event Info:

  • Fri, Nov 17
  • 6 : 00 - PM - 12:00 AM
  • viesaine atelias



Eating healthy at work isn't hard to do; it just takes a little preparation, planning, and a determination to do it. Sounds pretty simple, right? Hey, we know it isn't all that easy, which is why we've got some tips for eating healthy at work to help you along the way. 



It’s not always easy to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Especially at work. One meeting follows the other and deadlines are looming. Join our workshop with our dietitian Hiba Abou Ltaif and know how to: 


  • Eat healthy at work despite the time pressure. 

  • Plan and prepare a healthy lunch box 

  • Exercise and work 

  • Exercise at work 

  • How to make a healthy workplace environment 

  • Cooking tips and demos for food that can be packed for work 

  • Healthy food shopping tips 

  • Stay energized all day  


Target Audience: 

  • Leaders 

  • Workers 

  • Individuals 

  • Families 



Location: VieSaineAntelias Main road Hajj Center 

Date : 17 November 2017 

 price: 50 $

Duration :  6 pm - 8 p

Contact: Phone, 00961-4-413280. 

Mobile, 00961-3-998313.